Mounting Blocks

Martello Plastics have now designed a range of portable mounting blocks used by single riders at shows or in the yard, but the majority of our blocks are purchased and used by RDA groups (Riding For The Disabled) from riders that may need some assistance to mount through to larger blocks where 2 helpers can manoeuvre a disabled rider onto a platform to mount safely and easily.


The main benefits of a Martello mounting block are:

Mounting blocks are also beneficial to the horses well being:

Mini Block - External Step

Mini Block – External Step
There are two alternatives with this model – either an external step or internal step. These small lightweight mounting blocks are ideal to carry around the yard or take to shows. They were developed from an idea suggested by a veteran rider!!

External step W485 x L600 x H540

Mini Block - Internal Step

The internal step was produced to save space when space is a premium in the horsebox or estate car when travelling to shows or the field. The internal space when upside down could also be used for storage. Mounting from the correct height relieves the tension and stress from the horses back.

Internal step W485 x L475 x H540

Standard Block

Martello Plastics have been producing the standard block over the last 35 years and we have now increased our range to cover most riders needs. The standard block can be used by a single rider or a riding school. This standard block is approximately 20kg and has strong coated metal carrying handles.

Overall dimensions W660 x L1220 x H534

Large Block

The large block is approximately 25kgs with strong coated metal handles and has a longer top platform. This makes it ideal for an assistant to stand on as well as the rider.

Overall dimensions W660 x L1765 x H534

Double Block

Our double block weighs approximately 36kgs with strong coated metal handles and has a wider top platform and a little more height. Again, this is ideal for more than one person to stand on. Could take up to 3 persons at a time. Can easily be carried by two people.

Overall dimensions W1650 x L1165 x H600

Two Piece Block

The two piece block comes apart to ease transporting and includes strong, coated, metal handles on both halves. High quality metal clasps hold the system together when in use. This has the highest platform. Ideal for more than one person to stand on. Approximate total weight 46kgs. Can easily be carried by two people.

Dimensions W1050 x L1165 x H720 + W950 x L930 x H534

Extra Step for Large Block

After many requests for increased height we have recently produced an additional step. These steps are available for the ‘Large’ and the ‘Double’ blocks to provide a greater height from which to mount. The picture shows the ”Large’ block with the extra step.

Extra Step for Double Block

The Double block is 60cm in height, but adding the Extra Step the top platform has a total height of 80cm, achieving the greatest height for mounting of all our blocks.

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