Columns & Canopies

There are many advantages that GRP offers on architectural designs. Items generally made in timber or stone are often heavy and require regular maintenance. GRP is maintenance free, versatile and lightweight.


The Doric column is a plain tapered column which is a standard size although the square plinths can be cut down to size and is maintenance free. We have also produced bespoke columns in large sizes for hotels and country houses.

Mini columns

We have several moulds to produce mini columns used mainly by florists to display floral arrangements or for wedding décor or adornment.

Laminated Canopies

Canopies, Roof Areas, and Balconies can be laminated with fibreglass by our team of craftsmen.


We have produced a wide range of canopies over the years for new builds or for aesthetical improvements to a property. Please contact us with your specific requirements as we may already manufacture a suitable moulding or a new design or size may need to be considered.

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