GRP Mouldings


GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is such an immensely versatile material which can be used to form complex shapes or appearances. It is both non corrosive and non conductive when manufactured to fire rating class 0/1 complying with BS476. It is therefore the ideal composite to engineer a range of housings for electrical equipment.

Belt Covers

GRP drive guard to protect machine workings. Can be fitted with stainless steel hinges and fixings. We are happy to discuss variations of this design to meet your particular specifications.

Electric Meter Boxes

GRP meter boxes or kiosks can be produced in a range of colours to suit the industry. Customer requirements included stainless steel hinge and secure lock. Can be securely bolted down. Again, maintenance free with a weather resistant finish

Moulded Panels

A production run of identical mouldings from one original mould producing repeat orders. We aim to provide the customer with a consistent quality gel finish.

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